ONS Longitudinal Study: online training modules

We have developed eight online training modules; these provide information on the variables available and suitable research designs, and also give indications of sample sizes.

If this is your first visit to this page, please check the technical requirements before continuing.

Other online resources (selected)

See also the LS Series, the LS Working Papers and the LS User Guides.

Technical requirements

To use the modules you will need to meet the following basic technical requirements. All the software specified is free and readily available for download.

The interactive exercises in the module require the free Macromedia Flash Player version 5 (or higher). When you start a module, it will detect whether you have Flash Player installed, and enable you to install it if you do not.

Documents linked to the modules are provided as PDF files, for which you need Acrobat Reader.
Last modified 6 July 2012