A-Z of contents

Acceptance criteria for LS projects (PDF 10K)
Accessing the LS
Acknowledgement of ONS & CeLSIUS
"Analysis" training module
Analysis of rates and survival analysis in the LS (PDF 933K)
Application form (now called Customer Request form) (Word 589K)
Approved Researcher form (PDF 225K)
Approved Researcher form (Word 264K)
British Cohort Studies
British Household Panel Survey
Census forms
Census Programme
Clearance form for final outputs (Word 31K)
Clearance form for final outputs (PDF 8K)
Comparison with other datasets
Contact details
Criteria for acceptance of proposals (PDF 10K)
Criteria for acceptance of proposals (HTML 10K)
Crown copyright statement
Customer Request form (Word 589K)
Data Access Agreement form (Word 58K)
Data Access Agreement form (PDF 35K)
Data Archive, The UK
Data archives
Data dictionary
Data storage
"Defining a study population" training module
Defining households and families in the LS (PDF 25K)
Derived variable database
Downloadable data
Doyle, Pat
Ethical approval for the LS
Ethnicity Research Workshop, presentations
"Ethnicity" training module
"Fertility" training module
Final outputs clearance form (Word 31K)
Final outputs clearance form (PDF 8K)
First contact
General Household Survey
"Geography" training module
Grundy, Emily
Health Survey for England
"Household and families" training module
Households and families in the LS(PDF 25K)
How are the data stored?
How can I use the LS?
Keeping Track
Links to other sites
"LS Outputs" training module
LS projects
LS-SUPPORT mailing list
LS unit at ONS
LS User Guides
LS volumes
LS working papers
Mailing list
Marshall, Chris
"Mortality" training module
Non-academic users
Northern Irish LS
Notification of intent to publish
Online training
Orange book
Presentations from the ONS LS Ethnicity Research Workshop
Previous uses of the LS
PrivateCrypto (to download and install)
Publication clearance procedure (PDF 13K)
Publications: complete list
Publications search
Reasons why the LS was set up
Receiving LS outputs
Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs)
Scottish LS
Step-by-step guide to using the LS
Structure of the LS (PDF 45K)
Stuchbury, Rachel
"Study population" training module
Technical volume (on the LS 1971-1991)
Technical reports
Technical requirements for online training
Training (online)
User guides
Uses of the LS
Variables in the LS
What data does the LS contain?
What is the LS?
What research topics has the LS been used for?
What types of analysis is the LS used for?
Why was the LS set up?

Forms and formalities

Approved Researcher form (PDF 225K)
Approved Researcher form (Word 264K)
Census forms
Criteria for approval of applications (.pdf format)
Criteria for approval of applications (.html format)
Customer Request form (Word 589K)
Data Access Agreement form (Word 58K)
Data Access Agreement form (PDF 35K)
Encryption package (to download and install)
Final outputs clearance form (Word format)
Final outputs clearance form (.pdf format)
Crown copyright statement

Selected presentations by CeLSIUS staff

Changing times and changing lives: insights from the ONS Longitudinal Study E Grundy, Seville, May 2009
ONS Longitudinal Study for Academic Users. J Buxton & C Marshall, 2007
Academic research using the LS. E Grundy, 2007
Cohabitation. L Clarke & J Buxton, British Society for Population Studies 2006
Imputation in the 2001 Census: implications for analysis of the LS. J Buxton, Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys, 2006
Geography and geographical analysis using the LS. C Marshall & J Buxton, 2005
Introduction to methodological issues in LS ethnicity research. J Buxton & B Akinwale, 2005

Selected presentations by others

Social inequalities in avoidable mortality D Pevalin, 2009
Accounting for age-specific fertility differences between England & Wales and France J Robards, 2009
Analysing the England and Wales, Scottish and Northern Ireland Longitudinal Studies: Health and mortality as case studies H Young, 2009
Framework for research access to ONS micro-data ONS Legal Services, 2009
Methodological issues in ONS LS analysis of mortality and fertility by ethnic group. B Akinwale, 2005
Using the LS to contextualise cross-sectional results: occupational sex segregation by ethnic group. L Blackwell & D Guinea-Martin, 2005
Minority ethnic employment transitions 1991-2001. G Kik, 2005
Changing ethnic identities in England and Wales 1991-2001. Y Li, 2005
Do intermarried individuals perform better in the labour market? R Muttarak, 2005
Attrition in the LS: issues, results and conclusions. L Platt, 2005
Households and families: linking the LS to the 2001 Census. J Haskey, A Antonatos & O Duke-Williams, 2004
Identity and change 1991-2001. L Simpson & B Akinwale, 2004

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